Courtney Sage



I am a massage therapist, intuitive energy worker, wholistic lifestyle coach, and registered yoga teacher. I am also a mother of two awesome kids and one spoiled staffordshire terrier. I call Pittsburgh and Detroit home, as I travel on to the next adventure as much as possible. I am devoted to encouraging others to write their own rules as they follow their own path, discovering their own truths and embracing their own flow, while allowing for healing and alignment in their body, mind, and energy, so that they are able to create an empowered life, authentically and always with love. 

Sunshine and the ocean are my religion. Tarot is one of my gurus and the wolf is my spirit animal. My intuition guides my work and most of my life. I am overly curious and want to solve all of the puzzles.  When energy speaks, I try my best to listen. I love to be in love. I also love wine. I am an introvert with extrovert tendencies.  Divine timing is everything. If I lived by waves, I would surf everyday, but instead I paddle board most days of summer. In winter, I live in books. I believe that everything is connected and understanding that web is a key to understanding ourselves, and maybe even the universe. I want to be a writer when I grow up. Sometimes I go big, sometimes I go home. The art of healing has and will always intrigue and drive me. Serving people is one of my purposes. Another is to continually discover bliss. Both of those things are made easier by practicing gratitude. I am so very grateful, especially that I have shown up for myself to create the life I desire and now I get to be here to share how with the world.

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Janna Hockenjos



Hello, I'm Janna. I'm a small business owner, a writer of books, a coach of writers, and a yoga teacher. I come from the western PA countryside, but I had to spend nearly a decade in New York City to find myself. Click-clacking around heels, working in magazines, until the day I woke up and realized that that my career was taking me so far away from the life I wanted to live that I had to come back to my roots. 2012 was the year I got sat (truth in Sanskrit) tattooed on my wrist, the same year I quit my job, became a yoga teacher, and wrote a book. Not long after, I moved to Pittsburgh where, with some elbow grease, life took all the right turns.

My soul's purpose is to encourage others to learn and live their truth. Get to know and love your very most self - awkward, woo, nerdy, quiet, controlling, emotional, fearless, friendly - and then you can go anywhere from there. It's your own energy that is everything. I found my truth on a yoga mat and I shared it through a book, and it just keeps unfolding. 

I have a fierce ability to get sh*t done and I know how to wear all the hats, but take me to the water and I will chill out. I love lists, my coffee black, the moon over the ocean, alt folk country, my insatiable curiosity, and all seven chakras. Yoga is my balance. Nature, my inspiration. And connection with human beings is what feeds my soul. And as much as I want to see the world, my Cancerian ways are just as happy walking my Golden Retriever around the neighborhood with my favorite person, my husband.

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Megan Sicheri



I’m an Empowerment Coach, teacher of the yoga, writer, speaker, and overall Wellness Super-Enthusiast (Personal Trainer + Health Coach). I co-own a company that teaches yoga to kids with special needs. My soul’s purpose is to help people live their biggest, fullest, badassiest lives. I live for human connection and love to soak up the high vibes of the people with whom I surround myself.

I grew up in ruralish Pennsylvania. I've been a forever athlete and obsessive book reader. I lived in New Orleans where I learned how to give a proper hug and Texas where I learned how to wear denim on denim. After several years in Public Relations and Marketing I realized that wellness has always been my passion and since then I've hustled to create a career doing what I love the way that works for me. I’ve learned (and relearned) approximately 5 billion lessons and love to guide people into a healthier, happier lifestyle in a way that works for them. There isn’t just one way! 

I believe in fierce self love, showing up fully, laughing your biggest, loudest laughs, and eating chocolate chip cookies.  I find it fascinating that we are all stronger than we know all we have to do is tap in and pay attention.

I’m terrible at jokes, but I’ll never stop trying.

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