raise your frequency through elevated connection



Soul Sync is devoted to supporting you on your path to high vibe living. Our mission is to create and hold space for people seeking soulful conversations and to facilitate connection on a personal, professional, and community level. 


We are here to create more meaningful lives by deepening our relationship with ourselves, with our tribes, and with our community. We are committed to listening to our souls, breaking old patterns, and living authentically. We offer guidance for bridging these connections, redefining social patterns, and strengthening skills for the growth of your purpose. 

Through holistic guidance and soulful support we aim to change your game on every level, because everyone has the ability to live life on their own terms and shake up traditional ideas. 




How we met. 

Janna and Megan met by way of a Facebook message. Megan had just moved to Pittsburgh and was trying to find some friends who wanted to get sweaty and drink coffee. After multiple people told her she needed to meet Janna, she sent the following message: "Can I buy you a coffee and wanna be my friend?". I'm pretty sure Megan didn't buy the coffee because she was late, but it all worked out (and Megan still owes Janna that coffee!).

Courtney and Megan were introduced by a mutual friend when Courtney was planning a local wellness retreat for which she asked Megan to participate. Courtney had set up the most amazing avocado toast brunch bar and Megan knew that they were destined to be friends. 

Finally, Megan introduced Courtney and Janna after realizing that the would probably super like each other. They linked up in business and friendship and here we all are.

We've tribed up to support each other through the successes, failures, crazy schedules, personal tragedies, and silly whims. We all run different businesses and have full lives but invaluably lean on and celebrate each other through all the things.

Now we are determined to help others find this same system of support to help elevate their lives.